Foster The People – Coming Of Age :: Track Review

When: Supermodel – 18/03/2014
Where: Columbia Records
Like/Love: LOVE
2011 saw the release of one of the biggest debut albums of the 10’s in Foster The People’s Torches. Tracks such as Pumped Up Kicks ushered in a new wave of electronic indie pop which certainly put Foster The People in the spotlight as the next big thing, as the big hit was also accompanied with other superb tracks in Helena Beat and Call It What You Want which certainly helped make the band one of the more recognisable new names in the mainstream.
Three years later and Foster The People have dropped Coming Of Age, a pretty good title to have for the lead single for the sophomore album. Frontman Mark Foster has already described the new record Supermodelas “polarising” and “a little more human” than Torches’electronic sound. This is good because it means that the world should expect something a little different than what we’ve already heard, and with Coming Of Age showcasing a much more mature, slightly darker sound while still heavily packed with pop and electronic hooks, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.
Coming Of Age is an infectious listen with all kinds of guitar riffs, synth beats and more importantly vocal hooks which keep the song moving along nicely for us to welcome the return of Foster The People. I cannot wait to hear how the rest of Supermodel will sound, and if these guys will abolish their case of the “sophomore blues”.

Supermodel will be released March 18thvia Columbia Records. Check out the video for Coming Of Age below, and check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how excited you are for it.

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