Whales In Cubicles – All The Pretty Flowers :: Track Review

When: 03/02/2014
Where: Club The Mammoth
Like/Love: LOVE
London based trio Whales In Cubicles look set to release their highly anticipated debut albumvery soon. Death In The Evening will be released February 10th, with new single All The Pretty Flowersreleased the week before. These guys look set to have a pretty big year as they’ve gained huge support from The Fly, Q, Clash and received big attention from Radio 1, 6Musuic and XFM which can only bring good things for them.
All The Pretty Flowers is a dreary, moody track with the band performing another nostalgic atmosphere with subtle guitars playing melodies that sound straight from the 90s era of alternative rock. The drums help boost the energy levels by cutting through the distortion with some hard hitting beats, while the vocals retain an almost-monotone voice which detail a lot of sadness to make this a very emotive listen. Despite all of the grey, there’s something about it which makes it very catchy, the chorus in particular contains a hook that sticks with the listener immediately, and it’s really quite difficult to get unstuck.
Whales In Cubicles could be set to deliver one of the biggest debut albums of the year should everything remain as hotly anticipated as it is right now, especially if they continue to receive airplay from the radio stations that have kept their ears on them too. All The Pretty Flowers is out February 2nd, and the debut album Death In The Evening will be out February 10th, via Club The Mammoth.

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