Sonic Graffiti – Friendly Unit Creation Kit :: EP Review

When: 01/06/2013
Where: Self-Released
Like/Love: LOVE
Sonic Graffiti is a three piece punk band from Florida, and this is the Friendly Unit Creation Kit EP. An EP that since it’s release last year has created quite a bit of buzz from around the sunny state, has landed the “Best Punk Album” accolade on Philmaq’s Best Albums of 2013, and has us bend the rules a little bit to add to our Love List 2014. This six song EP connects all of the fast, energetic joy of punk music with elements of blues, folk and everything else that makes this a pretty fucking cool listen.
The Morning Electric kicks off the EP with an intense flurry of sick shredding skills that makes way for some heavy guitar riffs and passionate vocals. Before the listener can even begin to wrap their head they’ve already been stuck into the song, forced to stick around by the catchy backing vocals and the constant sense that something’s gonna destroy itself. There’s all kinds of hot licks thrown all over the airwaves as if Jack White just exploded all over the floor, and it makes for an awesome start to an EP that gets us wetter than Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and she’s a pretty lady.
Head In The Clouds combines a catchy guitar riff with some harmonica and perform it with the aggression of punk music to ensure some pretty original sounds man. The vocals as always remain as passionate and borderline-insane as ever, and just when the song couldn’t sound better, it hits into some pretty funky breakdown that gets our dicks shaking so hard. It’s a very nice surprise and just made us love this EP more.
Whiskey Punch No Love Sucka pulls out a boastful display of manly testosterone as a sole vocal intro reveals how somebody is a “crazy motherfucker” before kicking the instruments into gear with arguably the heaviest sound on Friendly Unit Creation Kit. This song just kicks the listener in the dick and continues to kick until there’s nothing but human satisfaction left behind. The vocal hook is intense, but it is awesome.
Victoriais the quietest song on the EP as Sonic Graffiti throw aside the electric and pick up the acoustic guitar to deliver a bluesy riff that goes down just as good as the rest of the material around. Once again the vocals are on top form as the lyrics seem to detail about a touch of heartbreak, which sometimes turns into a smidge of hatred which only makes Sonic Graffiti very relatable at this point.
Friendly Unit Creation Kit is probably the best thing we’ve heard this year. This punk record is like a whole new level of punk. It’s the band’s freedom to be as loud as they want, whether it be through means of guitars, drums, or vocals that just makes this record so exciting to listen to, and definitely one of the best EPs around.
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