The Rifles – None The Wiser :: Album Review

When: 20/01/2014
Where: Cooking Vinyl
Like/Love: LIKE
British quartet The Rifles return with their fourth studio album None The Wiser. Since 2006 these guys have delivered a solid set of records which showcase their talents in performing some good indie music. Packing their sound with hooks and riffs that reveal a strong influence from the likes of The Jam, Bob Dylan, The Clash and The Beatles, to make them one of the most consistent bands around.
Lead single Minute Mileis a immediate catch on the ears with a dual guitar riff kicking things off into a high tempo sound which soon explodes with distorted walls of noise coming into deliver a great chorus. It’s a solid start to a record that promises way more memorable moments.
The band aren’t afraid to take a step back on the energy as tracks like All I Need focus heavily on strong vocal hooks to bring some much needed emotion into None The Wiser. The acoustic guitar and head bopping drum beat makes for a nice touch, and the melodies upon melodies thrown over the top make for a very nice song from The Rifles.
Amongst all this textbook indie performances our highlight has to be Catch Her In The Rye. This track delivers arguably the best riff on the album, and The Rifles experiment by placing it alongside some psychedelic licks and melodies that just sit right with us so well. The drums tread lightly on the disco side of things, and overall it’s just a fantastic song. Really enjoyable, and there seems to be a bit of personality thrown in too, which is something not really incorporated in some of the other material on the album.
None The Wiser is another solid effort from The Rifles. It’s catchy, inoffensive indie pop music that’s accessible to anybody that hears it, and it makes for a decent listen. As mentioned earlier the record does suffer from a lack of personality, which does make certain songs fall under the bland radar unfortunately. However there are some songs that help make this a perfectly good record. 


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