Cellar Door – Trapped In Amber/Higher Than Heavens :: Double AA Single Review

When: 06/01/2014
Where: Self-Released
Like/Love: LOVE
Teeside five-piece Cellar Door look set to make a name for themselves this year with the release of double A single Trapped In Amber/Higher Than Heavens. These guys play a kind of eerie rock music that looks to deliver some surprising grooves underneath the haunting display of vocal prowess from the frontman. It’s awesome.
Trapped In Amberis a heavy listen that delivers some fierce, metallic guitar riffs as well as the aforementioned grooves which lay down a rhythm completely unexpected to the naked ear. The vocals cut a stark contrast between the instrumentation, but bring forth the right amount of passion and energy to keep things moving at a silky, foot-tapping speed. It’s very good, I could listen to it over and over and still be a victim to it’s allure.
Higher Than Heavens offers a more melodic sound which goes down well. Written as a conversation with an ex, this track perfectly showcases Cellar Door’s intense quality to be relatable with everybody that hears. Whereas Trapped In Amber details the feeling of being stuck on the feelings of an ex and being unable to get unstuck, Higher Than Heavens contains everything we wish we could say to the person who broke our hearts.
Cellar Door have got themselves off to a great start with both of these debut singles. I cannot wait to hear what else the band bring to the music scene, as with rhythms as good as Trapped In Amber, it can only continue to be more of them badboys. Download the singles on iTunes, and experience the samples below.

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