Exit Calm – Promise :: Track Review

When: 20/01/2014
Where: AC30
Like/Love: LIKE
Exit Calm are an English alternative rock band, and this is their upcoming single Promise. This four piece celebrated the release of their second album The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be last year, and it seemed to be favourable all across the board, allowing the band to smash the “sophomore album blues” into non-existence.
Promisedelivers an entertaining listen with some psychedelic guitars taking centre stage and creating a vast, spaced out atmosphere with the aid of echo-y vocals to provide some extra eeriness to the tone. The chaotic nature of the drums allow the guitars to pick up pace and tempo as the band let loose with heavy, anthemic riffs every now and then, showcasing how much control they have with their instruments. It’s a great listen and one that can lock the listener into a trance easily and destroys their mind with some intense riffs, melodies and everything else that can have us zone out completely.
Check out the video to Promisebelow, and you should definitely check out The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be. It’s a very entertaining record which we didn’t get the chance to feature, but definitely enjoyed nonetheless.

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