Pixies – EP2 :: EP Review

When: 03/01/2014
Where: pixiesmusic.com
Like/Love: LIKE
Last year one of the most celebrated bands of the 90s realised that hey, people release music and that’s exactly what we got from the Kim Deal-less lineup of the band. Single Bagboysprang upon us with all of the intense guitars and possibly-political lyricism we’d come to expect from Pixies, actually turning out to be a pretty catchy listen and strong reintroduction into the music industry. The band then followed this with the release of EP1 and a promise to release three more over the course of a year. EP1 was favoured by the majority, and now we have EP2to see just how long Pixies could continue this strong start.
Blue Eyed Hexe opens the EP with a guitar riff that strikes at the heart of the listener. It’s ballsy, crunchy distorted tone setting the mood for what becomes a traditionally heavier Pixies tune. The guitars are allowed to noodle all over the airwaves as they meander through the distorted waves of the verses and chorus, all the while Black Francis’ vocals descend more and more into passionate territory with all kinds of aggression and eventually throat-bursting screams that sound just as impressive as the notion that the frontman can still deliver some yells after all this time.
Magdalena drifts towards delivering some atmospheric vibes to EP2 as some watery-guitars lay down a pleasant instrumentation that always sounds like it’s justabout to erupt into something truly memorable but fails to capitalise on it’s momentum, which sadly ruins any chance of it becoming a highlight on the record. Greens And Blues does however pick things back up with an homage to EP1‘s Indie Cindy in the use of acoustic guitar and catchy lead solo that could be taken as a rip-off but does bare a lot more positives and memorable moments for us to truly think about that.
EP2 closes out with Snakes which sadly doesn’t fit the record as much as snakes on a plane. According to the band, this track was born from a jam session which must have been a pretty bland jam session for them as this does not have anything going for it at all. The “snakes hook” is a little underwhelming, as well as the instrumentation. I thought a Pixies jam session could have reproduced something as weird as Gouge Awaybut instead we’ve got this. Not a great ending, but EP2 does just about saves itself from total disregard. Lets look forward to EP3.

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