Pyramid – The Phoenix EP :: EP Review

When: 27/01/2014
Where: Kitsuné
Like/Love: LOVE
French producer Pyramid returns with The Phoenix EP. The rising star’s first piece of solo material since making a pretty big impact with the collaborative Cosma EPwith his friend Crayon, which saw him gain a hit out of the track Wolf. This EP features three new tracks from the producer, as well as two remixes of “The Phoenix” to provide listeners a couple extra ways to enjoy the groovy sound of Pyramid.
Astral” opens the EP with an introduction that hits hard with some anthemic piano bridges and a solid bassline that continuously digs deep to make a statement amongst the well crafted instrumentation. This instrumental piece is a great way to open the EP, especially as many fans will be expecting something big and bold from Pyramid after the success of Cosma, which is exactly what he delivers here with this tune.
The Phoenix” bares a stronger hip-hop influence as it bumps and grooves it’s way through the airwaves with some sweet piano sounds, the ever present bass, and some silky transitions into bridges that help turn this track into a phenomenal, uplifting listen before finally delivering the big guns with some hugely atmospheric backing vocals to make it certain that everybody needs to hear this EP now.
Lunar Ghosts” is a slightly darker track with some dreary synth layered ontop of a disco beat and some extra synth sounds that seem to come alive amongst the darkness Pyramid has created. It’s like some sort of twisted Daft Punk track, but one that definitely knows how to keep a great beat and rhythm. It’s a great way to close out the original tracks on the EP, and definitely caps off what has been yet another success for Pyramid. The Phoenix EP is out 27thJanuary via Kitsuné Records.

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