Harmless Records – Deep Intentions :: Compilation Review

When: 20/01/2014
Where: Harmless Records
Like/Love: LIKE
Following on from smash catalogue releases Traxboxand Terry Farley Presents Acid Rain, veteran UK label Harmless Records look set to create a huge impact for the new year with newest compilation Deep Intentions.For this release Harmless Records has compiled 24 of the biggest dance-floor anthems from the deep house underground from the last six months into one compilation to commemorate the rise in popularity for house music. Featuring tracks and mixes from Groove Armada, Flashmob, Maximiljan, Deep City Groove and many others, this two disc release perfectly represents the genre of house music, and makes it painfully obvious why it has become such a large influence of today’s mainstream industry.
Deep Intentions is a fantastic addition to a catalogue of compilations that have been consistently high quality from Harmless Records since the label’s beginning in 1998. Compiler DJ Deeper Purpose has done a great job setting out the tracklisting, making sure that each song fits one another perfectly, and spacing it out enough to keep the record from becoming top-heavy. Our personal highlights are Groove Armada’s Always Take Me Higher, Flashmob’s Hot, and HIM_SELF_HER’s Answer The Music, but as a whole there hasn’t been a compilation that’s managed to hold our attention and keep us dancing as much as Deep Intentions. Very good. No wonder Harmless Records has been around for so long. This compilation will be released on 20thJanuary, and will feature a bonus 75 minute mix CD from Deeper Purpose too. Awesome. 

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