Top 15 EPs Of 2013 :: Exploding Head Syndrome

It’s crazy to believe how quick this year has passed. Personally it’s been the worst in a long, long time, but musically it’s definitely been one of the strongest. As to be expected, music websites and their dogs are posting end of year Best Of lists to show the reader that they’re good at what they do, and also to recommend a lot of gems they could’ve missed out on. Here at Exploding Head Syndrome, we’ve only posted three reviews and have been alive for roughly three weeks, so we’re using this Best Of season to recommend a whole bunch of music with 90% less words! Today we’re posting our Top 15 EPs of 2013, which features all of the EPs we checked out on Elusive Little Comments.

        15. Bill Times A Billion – Say It Nicer
        14. Nadine Carina – Where I Love
        13. The August List – Handsome Skin
        12. Delta Will – It All Glows
        11. Grounders – Wreck Of A Smile
        10. Wonderflu – No End In Sight
        09. The Sea – High On…
        08. What, Really? – What, Really?
        07. The Jettes – Jette Stream
        06. Horse Party – Scarlet & Blue
        05. Yukon – Well, Whatever Happens, Happens
        04. Soupcans – Parasite Brain
        03. The Spills – Spooky Roller Disco
        02. Fruit Tones/Pink Teens – Hamlovers
        01. Falling Stacks – Dogo Argentino
Falling Stacks’ phenomenal EP Dogo Argentino tops our list after immediately getting us hooked on their music from first listen and still keeping us wet with excitement to this day. Tomorrow we will begin posting the Best Albums Of 2013 list, excitings.

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