Exploding Head Syndrome :: Best Tracks Of 2013 :: #25 – #1

It’s crazy to believe how quick this year has passed. Personally it’s been the worst in a long, long time, but musically it’s definitely been one of the strongest. As to be expected, music websites and their dogs are posting end of year Best Of lists to show the reader that they’re good at what they do, and also to recommend a lot of gems they could’ve missed out on. Here at Exploding Head Syndrome, we’ve only posted three reviews and have been alive for roughly three weeks, so we’re using this Best Of season to recommend a whole bunch of music with 90% less words! And also to fit in. Below is the first (second?) half of Exploding Head Syndrome’s Best Tracks of 2013 List! It’s number 25 to the all important number 1! Tomorrow we will be posting our Top 15 EPs of 2013 which will also be full of fun and joy.
        25. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
        24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
        23. Childish Gambino – Sweatpants
        22. The Courtesans – Dirty Killer
        21. WTCHS – Mr. Hands
        20. Kanye West – Blood On The Leaves
        19. Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day
        18. Pusha T – Suicide
        17. Melt Yourself Down – Fix My Life
        16. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street
        15. Yo La Tengo – Ohm
        14. Pixies – Indie Cindy
        13. Eminem – Rap God
        12. Primarys – To Be Stray
        11. Evening Hymns – You And Jake
    10. The Rebel Light – Jukebox Dream
    09. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
    08. Queens Of The Stone Age – I Sat By The Ocean
    07. Post-Ape – Limbs In The Dark
    06. Burning Condors – Dirty Girl Blues
    05. Burning House – Post Party Stress Disorder
    04. Daft Punk – Giorgio By Moroder
    03. Arctic Monkeys – One For The Road
    02. The Knife – Full Of Fire
    01. Queens Of The Stone Age – I Appear Missing
And there we are! Queens Of The Stone Age take the top spot for Best Track of 2013 with I Appear Missing, quite possibly the best piece of material they’ve created thus far. Many of the songs on this list have connected with me way more than just through the sake of enjoyment, I Sat By The Ocean in particular has really helped me deal and move on with everything that’s happened this year. But yeah, happy 2013!

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