Exploding Head Syndrome :: Best Tracks Of 2013 :: 50 – 25

It’s crazy to believe how quick this year has passed. Personally it’s been the worst in a long, long time, but musically it’s definitely been one of the strongest. As to be expected, music websites and their dogs are posting end of year Best Of lists to show the reader that they’re good at what they do, and also to recommend a lot of gems they could’ve missed out on. Here at Exploding Head Syndrome, we’ve only posted three reviews and have been alive for roughly three weeks, so we’re using this Best Of season to recommend a whole bunch of music with 90% less words! And also to fit in. Below is the first (second?) half of Exploding Head Syndrome’s Best Tracks of 2013 List! Starting from number 50 to number 25. Enjoy.
50. Cage The Elephant – Spiderhead
    49. Temple Songs – Passed Caring
    48. Marvellous Medicine – If I Am Young
    47. Kings Of Leon – Don’t Matter
    46. Sultanov – Black Light
    45. Anamanaguchi – Meow
    44. Vampire Weekend – Hannah Hunt
    43. of Montreal – Obsidian Currents
    42. Air Marshal Landing – Me And My Friends
    41. Darkside – Paper Trails
    40. Saskwatch – I Get Lonely
    39. Flamingo Bay – Serpentine
    38. Thee Oh Sees – Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster
    37. Fitness Club Fiasco – Goldmine
    36. Prairie Cat – Got Nothin’
    35. Invasions – Rosy
    34. Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn
    33. Poor Lily – The Days Are Not Piano Keys
    32. Yukon – Doe Eyes
    31. Los Campesinos! – Avocado, Baby
    30. Savages – I Am Here
    29. Delta Will – It All Glows
    28. Step Rockets – Kisser
    27. Fluffer – Starfuckers
    26. Factory Floor – Fall Back
    25. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
So there we go. Halfway there. Check Exploding Head Syndrome tomorrow for the rest of the Best Tracks of 2013 where you’ll get to see who made number 1 on our cheeky little list. Awesome.

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