Soupcans :: Parasite Brain :: EP Review

Soupcans are a garage rock band from Ontario, Canada and this is their new EP Parasite Brain. This is the first release to feature the band’s latest lineup, and with barely 10 minutes worth of material, it has definitely left a strong first impression on us. These guys take elements of noise rock and post-hardcore as well as a whole bunch of illegal substances to create music that’s definitely for people who aren’t afraid to let their eardrums get blasted in the face with many double barrelled shotguns.
The opening title track gets the ear-bleeding off to a strong start with a high octane riff fused together with distorted basslines and heavy drums to form a strangely fitting soundtrack to the vocals, which seem to be more cries of help/anger/anguish/sadness/insanity rather than actual words. What’s great is that all of these loosely structured parts work together really well to deliver something that’s somewhat entertaining, even if it is incomprehensible.
The band’s thought pattern of turning vocals into noises comes across especially well on second track No Teeth, which is more of a mid paced listen that surprisingly features a pretty catchy hook in “I got no teeth/ya ya ya ya ya” that just continues to ride the momentous wave Parasite Brain created at the start.
Parasite Brain delivers on being the first EP is blow out my speakers at a barely-loud volume. Soupcans have made a very entertaining EP that brings a lot of hard hitting riffs, noise and all kinds of insane ideas to a season that’s all about winding down and enjoying having the ability to hear. Regardless of the amount of blood, Parasite Brain EP will certainly receive a lot more plays in the near future. Maybe I should head to the hospital.
Soupcans’ Parasite Brain EP is out now via Telephone Explosion and JKSK Records.

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