Post-Ape :: The World Is Over :: Track Review

It seems there’s too much anonymous activity going on in the music industry these days. Thanks to the internet, people all over the world could start up a Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Facebook page of a band name or a new project and just post their music without fear of being hunted down or gaining any sort of fame. Personally I quite like that we could end up with music libraries with material that speaks to us on a spiritual level without having to even acknowledge the person who made it, allowing us as humans who are possibly a little too desperately in need of having to “soundtrack” our lives to come up with a true opinion on the music without having to consider the image behind it.
Post-Ape is the latest in a whole bunch of people to take the anonymous route and so far only two tracks have been dropped, and they’re both pretty good. The first, Limbs In The Dark, was a chilling listen with all manner of organs and synths played to create a sound that was “out there” but still remained on the outskirts of traditionally catchy dance music. Now this new track, the debut single to come from Post-Ape, is The World Is Over, and it looks to bring an even bigger reason for the hype already surrounding this project to continue to quiver in their little booties.
The World Is Over is another display of “out there” material cuddled together to become something still in the ballpark of accessible music to come from Post-Ape. All kinds of percussive elements are fused together to lay down a jagged foundation for the synths to channel some Gary Numan and perform something that could’ve come straight out of Mr. Numan’s Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) which comes across as both haunting and catchy. It’s awesome.
I honestly cannot wait for this sporadic trickle of songs to eventually lead us to a debut album, because we’re two songs in and Post-Ape have managed to garner quite a credible amount of hype already which judging by the sheer quality of the songs will only continue to grow and expand. Genuinely cannot wait to hear more.

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